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Our school was established in 1962 year. For almost 40 year it was Primary School.

Following changes to school system in 2000/2001 our school created branch of Integrated Middle School nr 52 in Deotymy Street . Next year our school created own integrated Middle School. Since 2004/2005 the Middle School together with Primary School changed name to Complex School no 65 with Integrated Classes.

In 2009 the Middle School was given name after Irena Sendler.

Because of changes in education system in Poland and gradual phasing out of Gymnasium (middle school) our school changed its name to Primary School Nr 236 with Integrated Classes. Now we are a primary school in which learning is extended from 6 to 8 years for children from the age 6 to 15.


Integration traditionally refers to the education of children with special needs in mainstream settings. If the child has special educational needs, it means that they have learning difficulties and they find it much harder to learn than most pupils of the same age or they have disabilities that make it much more difficult for them in school. There are few types of need: Specific learning difficulty, Moderate learning difficulty, Severe learning difficulty, Profound and multiple learning difficulty, Behavior, emotional and social difficulty, Speech, language and communication needs, Hearing impairment, Visual impairment, Multi-sensory impairment, Physical difficulty, Autistic spectrum disorder, Other difficulty/disability.

Many children will have SEN of some kind at some time during their education. Help will usually be provided in their ordinary, mainstream school, sometimes with the help of outside specialists.

The beginning of Integration in our school is dated on 1990/1991. Special adaptation was made in 2 classrooms (recent classroom no 16 and 17) together with entrance for disabled next to the gym and bathroom adapted for disabled. The first integrated class had huge influence on students in our school. They became more aware of people with disability and they were always willing to help.

First students with difficulties left our school in school year 1993-1994. All of them continued education in different middle schools. Half of them passed Baccalaureate and some reached higher education .

Recently the aim of our school has been to provide education and integration to social life by comprehensive development according to individual abilities. There is at least one integrated class on each level, with few children with disabilities, special educational and social needs and intellectual impairment in each class. Every integrated class has special educator, who provides help and support in education for those children. Integrated classes are based on national curriculum for public schools which is individually modified for each child with special educational or social needs according to its speed of development and progress. Children are under help of educators, psychologist, speech therapist, sociologist, sensory therapist and rehabilitation.

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